9 years of experience. Dominatrix and lifestyle fetishist. I enjoy creating chemistry and a meaningful journey in session. I’m versatile in my interests and my style ranges from sensual to severe and in between. My specialties are Creative Role play- I accept roleplay scripts, Corporal, Humiliation/ Extreme, Tickle torturer and light to moderate Medical. I also happen to be a ((Golden Queen)). I perform golden various ways creating a memorable fountain.
I have a natural intuition which leads me to perform my sessions organically. I can break barriers of resistance. I believe it runs in the gene. I will ((Restructure you)). I had kinky experiences, studied abnormal psychology, visualization and creative writing at a early age. I enjoy taking the lead with Novices and your limits are always respected. I’m considerate of your well-being.
My thoughts:
          Some people wonder how I conducted my sessions including roleplay naturally with thought early as my first year in BDSM. My life and experiences are far beyond driven. Imaginations and visualiations bloomed from my inner core to come into reality. In a Vanilla world mixed in with a box of kink. Punked out, goth and exotic art. Renassiance fairs and medieval movies, of gothic romance, mystic, mystery and ancient times. Bdsm has been used in many aspects of punishment in history. Sessioning is a personal yet theatrical journey that I share with you.
You might be moonstruck by my charm. Life imitates art. Artists express themselves through their inner Psyche – element, love is hate, hate is love, there’s pain and pleasure combined. I like the rawness. I picture my self in your shoes. The session is our session. I can be wicked, kinky, empathetic and a real tease. I love hearing the true confessions of a slave, enabling me to bring forth your fantasy into reality. I will intensify your mind and retrain you to my desire. I will show you there is no line between pleasure and pain, only new explorations as you discover yourself and the energy between us. I respect your boundaries, you may even drop your limits in sensuous torment. Your privacy and discretion is assured. I am always looking for sincere people to play with. I cater to male and female players.
I highly respect your identity discretion. As a private person that I am as well I prefer to do (outcalls) at hotel. I bring equipment. Its beneficial to be abled to have a full experience of negotiable extended hours. However, I also use a incall in Midtown Manhattan. A luxurious fully equipped dungeon.